Harland Simon launches ASRS control upgrade solution.

Harland Simon launches ASRS control upgrade solution.

Harland Simon is extending its established upgrade solutions for Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) controls to a wider market of automatic warehouse operators. Building on the experience of modernising controls for roll handling systems in newspaper printing facilities, this new service will help any warehouse operator who is suffering from increasing failures on ageing ASRS systems due to obsolete and unsupported components.

Recent projects carried out by Harland Simon include the replacement of Metso ASRS controls at The Courier Journal in Louisville, KY and the replacement of the controls on a Jervis Webb Roll Handling system at the Indianapolis Star, IN.

How does it work?
Upgrading the controls on an existing ASRS system can prolong its life and increase uptime. Harland Simon can carry out upgrades on any part of the ASRS including controls, drives, PCs, PLCs and sensors and on any type of system including those supplied by Jervis Webb (now Daifuku), Metso and Schneider.

The use of modern, off-the-shelf hardware and industry standard PC and PLC controls means that components for future maintenance and repair are available at competitive prices and can be sourced locally reducing on-going maintenance costs. Harland Simon’s engineers are experienced in carrying out work with minimal disruption to operational schedules and a zero risk strategy means that any change can be reversed until the solution is fully proven.

Harland Simon’s ASRS control and management system upgrades help extend the service life, ROI and functionality of equipment. Upgrading existing ASRS requires much lower capital expenditure compared to replacing a complete system, but can significantly increase system reliability and enhance diagnostics for quick fault finding.

Using open systems means that after an upgrade has been carried out, warehouse operators have full access to all PLC code, databases, control and management software.

With over 30 years’ experience of system integration Harland Simon can interface to almost any 3rd party system within a warehouse to streamline processes and achieve better retrieval times.

John Staiano, Managing Director – Americas for Harland Simon commented, “With our track record of successful ASRS upgrades in the newspaper industry and extensive experience of providing warehouse tracking systems under our Vero Solutions brand, we are very excited about bringing this offering to a wider market.”