Rite-Hite’s HVLS Revolution fan keeping climbers cool at Boulder Central 

Rite-Hite’s HVLS Revolution fan keeping climbers cool at Boulder Central 

A highly efficient and reliable high volume, low speed (HVLS) Revolution industrial ceiling fan from Rite-Hite, a leading manufacturer of industrial health and safety equipment, is helping to effectively circulate air, control temperature and save energy at Boulder Central in the West Midlands.  

Boulder Central is an indoor climbing centre with a range of different walls for climbers of all levels – from those trying the sport for the first time, all the way through to experienced climbers – located in an industrial unit in the town of West Bromwich.  

As with any indoor exercise facility or gymnasium, effectively managing temperature, moisture and condensation can be a real challenge. Boulder Central required a dual-purpose solution, one that could not only better circulate air and keep the facility cool during the summer months, but also to add warmth during the winter to help manage energy consumption and heating costs.  It turned to Rite-Hite to provide the solution.  

Following a review of the centre, Rite-Hite specified and installed an HVLS Revolution industrial fan in the centre of the facility. Rotating at an optimised low speed, the fan slowly circulates a large amount of air as the air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below. The increased air movement caused by the fan reduces effective temperature and can help the air feel up to 10°C cooler, ideal for summer months.  

Not just ideal for keeping the facility cool, the HVLS Revolution fan can play a critical role in maintaining heat in winter. When the air moves in a conical shape, heat not only gets forced back down to where employees and products are, but it also keeps airflow steady throughout the room. Large-bladed fans have the power to move stagnant air approximately 85 ft. in every direction, helping to ensure even temperatures in every corner of a facility. The issue of airflow is important because maintaining a constant airflow prevents the air conditioning units from kicking in unnecessarily and using wasted energy.  

Mike Flanagan, Centre Manager at Boulder Central, says the new fan is delivering real benefits and energy savings: “We found that our previous system was not working effectively, leading the centre to be extremely warm and stuffy in the summer months, but we’ve seen a real difference since installing the Rite-Hite Revolution fan.  

“The initial install was seamless, and the Rite-Hite team provided great support and service throughout. Not only did the fan make a real difference last summer, helping to improve air circulation and keep the centre cool for our customers, but it’s also provided the added benefit of warmth during the winter, helping us to save energy and keep heating costs down.”