Yale launches new 8 tonne electric counterbalance truck.

Yale launches new 8 tonne electric counterbalance truck.

Yale Europe Materials Handling further strengthens its electric truck offering with the launch of the 8 tonne lithium-ion counterbalance truck. The new Yale® ERP80VN provides high productivity levels comparable to Yale ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) trucks of similar capacity.

The Yale ERP80VN is available to order now and was presented for the first time at the Transport and Logistics Show in Antwerp from 17 to 19 October with the Yale dealer Hilaire Van Der Haeghe.

Phil Ireland, Senior Product Strategy Manager for Counterbalance Solutions at Yale, explains, “The ERP80VN is the first Yale electric truck that can match the performance and productivity of a Yale ICE in pure all-electric form.”

“Many of our customers generate their own electrical power and want to make good use of their existing resources when using their materials handling equipment. We also have customers who are looking for an emission-free option for their vehicles, as well as higher capacities to move larger loads,” Phil continues.

Designed for high-intensity operations, the ERP80VN has a load centre of 900mm making it directly comparable in many respects to the GDP80VX9 ICE truck, while performing at a low noise level of 69 dBA. The agility and manoeuvrability of the high-powered ERP80VN allows for precise and responsive load handling, achieving fast lifting and lowering speeds, as well as quick acceleration and travel speed.

“The ERP80VN extends electric-class refinement and control to 8t handling capacity – the traction and lift are fully independent which means that when the maximum lift speed is applied, the traction is not affected,” says Phil. By being able to equal and exceed the performance of a similar capacity Yale ICE, the ERP80VN can help to reduce the turnaround time of loading and unloading bulky goods.

The ERP80VN offers opportunity charging, and with strategically placed chargers can support a three-shift operation. The truck can reach a full state of charge from fully flat in under two hours. The lithium-ion battery pack, which has a net capacity of 50kw/hr with a high system efficiency under full load, can complete a full eight hour shift while consistently carrying heavy loads.

The high voltage drive train minimises the energy lost from battery to transmission, extending truck endurance before recharge by 40%. Even on low power settings, the ERP80VN can outperform the equivalent Yale ICE truck, making it ideal for large manufacturing plants with long driving distances.

Yale has applied its award-winning ergonomics philosophy to the ERP80VN and the truck can be driven to its limit over an extended period of time while still being comfortable for the operator. The high visibility mast incorporates a pair of free lift hydraulic cylinders providing unobstructed forward views of the carriage.

As the truck runs on a single installed battery, additional infrastructure such as a charge room for spare batteries is not required, allowing premise space to be maximised. The service intervals for the 8 tonne electric truck are longer than that of a standard lead-acid battery, keeping the truck in action for lengthier periods of time.

“For businesses looking to reduce both emissions and costs, the ERP80VN allows them to fulfil these goals while maintaining the high productivity levels of a Yale ICE truck of similar capacity,” concludes Phil.

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