Yale dealer Charles Service hosts grand opening

Yale dealer Charles Service hosts grand opening

  • Yale® dealer Charles Service re-opened the doors to its premises in Chelles, France, with a special event on 13 June. 
  • The grand opening marks a fundamental step in the company’s history, after a fire devastated the site last year. 
  • Guests were shown a selection of Yale solutions for retail and logistics applications as part of the celebrations 어머님이 누구니 다운로드.

On 13 June, Yale dealer Charles Service welcomed guests to Chelles, France for the grand opening of the company’s new premises 사파리 zip 다운로드. Charles Service is the official Yale dealer for departments 77 – 93, 94 and 91.

The opening marked a new beginning and a fundamental step in the company’s history, highlighting the effort and commitment of its employees and partners in helping to rebuild the business after it suffered a major setback cs2. In 2018 a fire swept through the Charles Service site, destroying many of the offices in the building and putting the future of the business under pressure Global Sena.

For Charles Service, the event was more than just a re-opening, it was also an opportunity to thank the various stakeholders and partners who have supported the company during this period of transition 신비아파트 두번째 이야기 다운로드.

“The inauguration of the new premises was a very special moment for the entire Charles Service team. It represents the end of a difficult time for the company, but a common positive spirit has kept us moving forward during this period and today we are back at our headquarters with the desire to provide our customers with an even better service!” said Cederic Bremard, CEO at Charles Service. 

This spirit of moving forward and growth was evident throughout the event as Charles Service shared the latest innovations in materials handling with an audience that was interested to discover the most advanced technology in the field. 

As a long term partner of Charles Service, a wide range of Yale solutions were on display, including Yale robotics, featuring industry-leading Baylo geo-guidance navigation technology 영문 이력서 양식 다운로드. Balyo provided insight into the challenges and opportunities automation and robotics present, before sharing Yale robotics solutions with the audience and giving them the opportunity to ask any questions. 

Yale solutions for retail and logistics applications were also showcased with rider stackers, pedestrian pallet trucks, and the award winning MP20-25T rider pallet truck all on display along with a selection of forklifts and alternative power options 우분투 14.04 iso 다운로드.

“Our partnership with Yale is based on strong relationships and we are grateful for their support. We have worked together to make Charles Service a continued success adobe pdf reader. I would like to offer my thanks to the Yale team, our customers, our partners, and the staff that have supported us and of course I thank the guests for coming and for making the inauguration an unforgettable moment of sharing and celebration 2인용 게임 다운로드. The years to come will be even more exceptional”, concludes Cedric.

For further information on the full range of Yale solutions available, visit to find your local Yale dealer 리틀포레스트 여름과 가을 다운로드.