Hyster brings the fuel-efficient future to Greenport.

Hyster brings the fuel-efficient future to Greenport.

Hyster will address fuel efficient handling in ports at this year’s Greenport Congress in Amsterdam, taking place from 11-13 October

“Ports, hinterland operations and inland terminals can all benefit from the fuel savings offered by the latest generation of fuel efficient lift trucks and container handlers,” says Rainer Marian, Big Trucks Sales Director for Hyster. “The environmental benefits are supporting a lower cost of operation. We call it profitable low emissions and the technology is here today.”

Fuel efficient reachstackers

For container handling, the latest Hyster® ReachStacker features the new Cummins QSL9 Stage IV engine and Hyster® technologies that are proven to offer significant fuel savings in real life container handling applications.

“The Hyster® ReachStacker uses up to 25 percent less fuel compared to previous models. This could be more than 4 litres per hour,” says Rainer. “These savings add up very quickly across a fleet, even more so when fuel prices start to rise.”

There are 12 models in the Hyster® ReachStacker series offering rapid lifting speeds and providing good stacking capabilities three rows deep, with options to stack six containers high. The RS46-41L CH for example offers 46,000kg load capacity in the first row, 41,000kg in the second and 23,000 in the third to enable maximum flexibility.

The Hyster® RS46-41L CH has an on-demand cooling system and a load sensing hydraulic system that allows the engine to run at lower speeds, extending the life of hydraulic oil and components.

Fuel efficient lift trucks

Fuel savings are a byproduct of the company’s approach to meeting the Stage IV / Tier 4 final (T4f) emissions legislation, which all Hyster trucks above 8 tonne lift capacity now adhere to. Container handling operations and many stevedoring applications handling timber, metal, paper or other products are already seeing these benefits by using Hyster® Big Trucks.

“Fuel efficiency runs throughout our entire range of smaller IC trucks and the tough, zero emissions electric trucks already available,” says Rainer. “However, electrified heavy capacity Hyster trucks, which can offer ICE-equivalent performance, are also already in development.”

In 2016, Hyster showed that it was at the forefront of environmental technologies by previewing a new, unique high-voltage lithium-ion battery powered 8 tonne electric forklift. Achieving 100% charge in just two hours, this tough electric truck is ideal for most normal paper, timber and steel applications, giving businesses a durable solution without impacting productivity, while also providing zero emissions and quieter operations.

Big electric trucks

In May 2017, Hyster announced that the scale of electric powered vehicles is about to take a giant leap. Terminals are expected to be able to electrify their Big Truck fleets and produce zero emissions, while achieving full shift performance comparable to a diesel-powered truck in the near future. A 52-tonne capacity Hyster® laden container handling truck with an electric motor will shortly be entering the test phase.

Innovative, high-voltage big electric trucks are expected to support continuous operation with operator-friendly re-charge, or quick H2 (hydrogen fuel) refill options.

Efficiency of connected machines

While ports wait for these technologies to be commercially available, smart terminals are already able to boost their efficiency and save money by analysing truck usage data, restricting truck access and controlling daily checks. Hyster Tracker is a telematics system that can help identify under or over-utilised equipment, by truck, fleet or location. Hour meter, cost of operation, periodic maintenance, fault codes and impacts can all be tracked and additional functionality includes operator access control.

To drive down fuel or power costs, the idle shutdown function can also be set to power off a truck after a pre-determined amount of time. Operator Pre-shift Checklist Tracking is also possible, providing the quickest way to determine any issues with a truck so that downtime is reduced.

For more information visit, or visit the Hyster stand at Greenports in Amsterdam, 11-13 October 2017.

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