Alpesa introduces pallets made from 100% recycled carboard at Modex 2018.

Alpesa introduces pallets made from 100% recycled carboard at Modex 2018.

Main advantages: lightweight, recyclable, reduced costs and carbon footprint impact

Alpesa, the largest manufacturer of carboard cores and tubes in Spain, introduces Úpalet® to the American market. Úpalet®, a pallet made of 100% recycled cardboard, is itself recyclable, weighing in at just 1/10 of traditional pallets made of wood or plastic.

Alpesa will present Úpalet® and its high technical qualities, made possible by using a patented manufacturing system consisting of concentric tubes, inserted and firmly anchored to the pallet platform.

Úpalet® can be customized with graphic art or even by size, carrying weights of up to 6,000 kilograms (13,000 lbs.). The pallet is especially suitable for cross-docking merchandise directly to local stores and facilities, air freight shipments, delivery of fruits and vegetables -no need for fumigation and certification- and the pharmaceutical industry.

Visit our booth B1361 at Modex, April 9-12, Atlanta, GA, USA

Reduced transportation costs

No additional documentation required for export. It is made in accordance with international standards; for example, EU Packaging Waste Law 11/1997, ISPM 15 compliant (no fumigation needed).

Despite being much lighter than traditional pallets, weighing in at just 1/10 of its wooden or plastic counterparts, Úpalet® can still carry weights of up to 6,000 kilograms (13,000 lbs.), facilitating better filling rates for trucks and containers.

A sustainable product made from recycled material. Its light weight lowers transport costs and, is the product being 100% recyclable, eliminates any need for back and forth shipment. This reduces fossil fuel usage and minimizes the impact of its carbon footprint. An ideal pallet for air transport usage.

It can be stacked in an interlaced way, reducing and optimizing warehouse storage. Úpalet® is accessible from all four sides, making it easy for operators along the supply chain.

Reduced risk for injury and workers compensation: light, no nails, staples or splinters.

Alpesa´s CEO, Javier Altur, “Our participation at Modex 2018 is a first step to better understand the American market where we think Úpalet® will fill a void in the supply chain both for the domestic and international shipment industry.

Alpesa´s Director of New Sustainable Developments, Sergio Altur, “Our goal is to allow potential customers to see, touch and test the resistance of Úpalet® that is different from other options in the market, due to its strength, flexibility and certifications.

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