Schréder UK launches Shuffle Cycle parking solution.

Schréder UK launches Shuffle Cycle parking solution.

Schréder, the global leader in LED lighting solutions, today announces the Shuffle Cycle: a CCTV-protected, space-efficient parking solution for cyclists relux pro.

According to Transport for London’s (TfL) recent Travel in London report, consumers are capitalising on the health benefits and cost-effectiveness of cycling with a 63 per cent increase in cycling traffic since 2005 가을타나봐 다운로드.

However, cycling in these areas is often restricted by space, security and convenience. There is currently a poor ecosystem in place to support and encourage cyclists, with 297,000 reported cases of bicycle theft in England and Wales in 2016 네이버 메일 대용량 파일 다운로드.

Working in collaboration with H-B Designs, Schréder UK has created a solution. The Shuffle Cycle has three key features: crime-reducing CCTV cameras; an LED light ring to indicate available spaces from a distance; and secure cycle docking stations — all in a single energy-saving LED lighting column 피터 판다 무료 다운로드.

Additionally, the Shuffle Cycle comes with an in-built PA system, Wi-Fi connectivity and electric charging ports.

Embedded with H-B Designs’ patented ‘SOFTDOCK’ technology, bikes are protected from damage with a protective rubber sleeve and the parking system can be tailored to fit any available space using single or double-sided docking 넥서스 파일 다운로드. Its retracting locking handle system secures bikes fully with only one lock, resulting in safe, organised parking.

Adam Rice, marketing manager at Schréder UK comments: “Local authorities have long been challenged to provide a greater sense of security to the growing cycling community 오디오 북 무료 다운로드. By working in partnership with H-B Designs, the Shuffle Cycle combines the most advanced LED lighting technology with a unique, space-efficient parking solution to provide a safe outdoor space for cyclists to use Windows 10 msdn download.

“The Shuffle Cycle pushes the boundaries of lighting design and offers urban planners a smart, cost-effective solution to significantly improve local cycling infrastructure and the surrounding lighting network.”

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