New advances in motive power battery technology to be unveiled at IMHX 2019

New advances in motive power battery technology to be unveiled at IMHX 2019

EnerSys will showcase the latest advances in Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) motive power battery technology for material handling applications at IMHX 2019 on booth 20D148. The exhibition will witness the UK debut of NexSys PURE batteries, which utilise a combination of advanced carbon and TPPL technology to provide reliable power without the requirements of watering, equalising and battery changing.

Through the use of both TPPL and advanced carbon, NexSys PURE batteries provide for a higher cycle life in applications requiring regular opportunity charging. The launch of NexSys PURE completes the NexSys range, which will also include NexSys iON batteries.

The lithium ion solution from EnerSys is engineered with large format prismatic cells and Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) cell chemistry. What’s more, the batteries come equipped with an integrated battery management system (BMS) in the control module that provides protection, control and communication to the charger and truck.

Jason Devonshire-Mander, Director Sales Motive Power UK & Ireland at EnerSys commented: “Through our NexSys iON and NexSys PURE batteries we offer the industry’s broadest spectrum of advanced motive power battery technologies. This, combined with our vast experience and knowledge of material handling vehicle applications, means we’re equipped to help warehouse operators select the optimal battery technology for their electric vehicle fleet.”

In addition to showcasing its latest advanced batteries, EnerSys will reveal how companies can improve efficiency and cost savings by gaining a deeper insight into the power management of their electric material handling vehicles.

A number of innovations have recently been introduced in this area, including the Wi-iQ battery monitoring device from EnerSys that collects data via wireless sensors in each battery, the E-connect mobile app, the Truck iQ smart battery dashboard and the Xinx battery operations management system.

Power management programmes and product ranges designed by EnerSys enable logistic, operations and energy managers to drive, control and improve battery use and, consequently, energy consumption in multiple locations via mobile apps or laptop simple and user-friendly interfaces.