Kansas City Company buys consumer and comercial inventories.

Kansas City Company buys consumer and comercial inventories.

We have been in business since 1975, located in Kansas City. We are interested in purchasing any Inventories you need to sell due to Failure to receive Storage Costs, Abandoned by owner, Excess, End of Promotion, or if a Good Customer has Slow Moving Inventory refer them to our Company and we will assist them, please include a description of the inventory, quantity, and location of inventory.

Our process in purchasing is as follow: We look at the inventory for sale, we decide if we want to bid and if we submit a bid and it is accepted by you we will wire transfer the agreed to funds and after you receive wire we will arrange trucks for loading of inventory.

Visit: to see our FEMA Capability statement showing some of the contracts our Emergency company has received and completed for FEMA, this shows our ability to purchase inventories in the millions.

Please visit our 2 websites below to learn more about O’Shea, Ltd. 

We will buy inventories located anywhere in the World. (Wholesale/Promotions)    & Services

Contact:  Bill Houlehan   800-669-0903 or 816-531-1177  (24 hrs)   

O’Shea, Ltd

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