Here’s Why You Should Recycle These Electronics (and How)

Here’s Why You Should Recycle These Electronics (and How)

Have you ever just tossed an old printer or an outdated smart phone into the trash? If you did, you’ve been making a waste stream mistake—and maybe you haven’t even realized it. All of those electronics are piling up in our landfills, to the tune of almost 12 million tons every year. It’s an increasing problem in the United States, and we’re only recycling a small percentage of it.
All of that recycling—even though electronics are small—adds up. Take batteries, for example. If you don’t dispose of them properly, heavy metals may leach out and end up in the water supply or the soil.
There are lots of different options for recycling those electronics. Some municipalities have drop-off sites. Sometimes you can mail things for recycling. Whatever you do, it’s important—and this graphic helps explain it in more depth.

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Recycling Electronics


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