Fruit and veg grocer goes green with Mitsubishi

Fruit and veg grocer goes green with Mitsubishi

T.G. Fruits is a family-run wholesaler who supply the food service sector in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Working with fresh fruit and veg, the company were after a cleaner alternative to IC engine trucks 팝송 악보 다운로드.

They approached Mitsubishi dealer Alto Handling with the determination to change to electric trucks for an economical and environmental route magnets.

The work required trucks with a 1.5 tonne capacity – able to operate inside and outside – with the ability to handle boxed fruit and veg and the EDiA EM was the perfect solution jwplayer 비디오 다운로드.

The electric truck delivers an all-weather performance in a cleaner, cost-effective way. Colin Ivory, Managing Director of Alto Handling, said: “There is a definitive movement towards electric trucks 윈도우10 익스플로러 11 다운로드.

“They produce less noise and pollution, are fume-free, more economical and are better for the environment. It’s a straight forward alternative… electric is the way to go.”

T.G Apache server download. Fruits ordered 4 EDiA EMs with the modification of waterproof cabs for the drivers and the red Safety Zone lights. The company were one of the first to use the Safety Zone system in their warehouse tcga 데이터 다운로드.

Andy Griffiths, Director of T.G. Fruits, said: “Our customers and staff think the safety lights are an excellent idea. Quite often we have wet conditions and long shifts and the lights are especially good at night.”

The safety system uses high-powered LEDs to create bold red lines on the floor behind and beside the truck 씽크유 다운로드. It provides an early warning to the operator and those around the area, giving them time to move out of the way of the approaching vehicle.

He concludes: “Electric power is much cleaner and less expensive than LPG precious memories. Driver visibility is brilliant, and it’s not hindered by a large gas bottle on the back. The EDiAs are brilliant in the environment we work in.”

To find out more about how EDiA EMs and the Mitsubishi Safety Zone can improve your site, call the Mitsubishi Greenline today on 0845 371 3048.