CNG Fuels’ renewable biomethane wins Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year.

CNG Fuels’ renewable biomethane wins Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year.

“Company’s activities will significantly help in decarbonising goods vehicles”
CNG Fuels’ achievement in offering road transport operators a cost-effective, low carbon alternative to
diesel won an award from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership at its Low Carbon Champions Awards Zen7 Go.
Its pioneering work setting up a refuelling station on the high-pressure gas grid to deliver renewable
biomethane was recognised as Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year Friday night. The judges said: “The company’s
activities will significantly help in decarbonising goods vehicles.”
Philip Fjeld, CEO of CNG Fuels, said: “Renewable biomethane is the most cost-effective and lowest carbon
alternative to diesel for HGVs and a game-changing solution for the low carbon economy Windows 10 1903 iso. We are delighted
that this prestigious award will make more people aware of the service we offer.
“We are attracting growing interest from fleet operators, bus companies and refuse collectors who want to
save money, cut carbon and clean up our air, and we are developing a nationwide network of refuelling
stations to meet their needs.”
Waitrose, John Lewis, Argos and Brit European are among fleet operators whose long-distance lorries are
using CNG Fuels’ renewable biomethane fuel, which is derived from food waste and approved under the
Department for Transport’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation scheme 레드벨벳 러시안 룰렛 다운로드.
CNG Fuels operates the UK’s first CNG (compressed natural gas) refuelling station to compress gas taken
directly from the high-pressure gas system, which it built at Leyland, Lancashire, close to the M6 Free Yeonpyeong Naval Battle. High
pressure connections greatly reduce the amount of energy required to compress gas, which reduces
emissions and boosts station capacity .net framework 4.0.
Biomethane CNG fuel is 35%-40% cheaper than diesel and emits 84% less CO2 on a well-to-wheel basis when
dispensed from a station on the high-pressure grid, offering hauliers the opportunity to cut costs and report
dramatic reductions in carbon emissions von Minecraft.
CNG Fuels has also helped Waitrose launch Europe’s most advanced fleet of dedicated CNG lorries, with a
range of up to 500 miles on a full tank rhev 다운로드.
The Low Carbon Awards judges were impressed by: “CNG Fuels’ comprehensive approach to reducing
carbon emissions for the gas-powered heavy vehicle market 삼성 스마트 매니저 다운로드. CNG Fuels uses a two-track approach of
utilising the high-pressure gas grid to reduce supply losses, while also decarbonising the physical product by
tracking biogas supply through the grid using a certification process.”
Roads Minister Jesse Norman MP said: “The UK boasts a dynamic, innovative automotive sector and British
companies are leading the way in developing low emission technologies for road transport Eclipse wtp.
“Congratulations to the winners of the Low Carbon Champions Awards. These important achievements
highlight the progress being made as we strive to meet our ambition for every new car and van to be zero
emission by 2040.”
Darran Messem, Chairman of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) and an Awards Judge said: “This
year’s winners of the LowCVP awards have delivered a phenomenally impressive list of achievements
ranging from developing a new low carbon fuel to implementing a fully electric bus fleet, and they
demonstrate not only the vibrancy of the UK’s low carbon transport sector but also its huge economic
The awards were announced at a gala dinner for green transport pioneers held by the Low Carbon Vehicle
Partnership in association with Energy 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham.

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