JCB launches second electric Teletruk IMHX 2019

JCB launches second electric Teletruk IMHX 2019

IMHX 2019 saw the launch of a second electric-powered JCB Teletruk telescopic lift truck – the JCB 35-22E.

The JCB 35-22E has a lift capacity of 3.5 tonnes and joins the JCB 30-19E battery powered model which was added to the award-winning Teletruk range earlier this year

JCB’s Teletruk General Manager Paul Murray said: “The JCB Teletruk has revolutionised materials handling operations in builders merchants, ports, recycling centres and industrial facilities around the world since it was first unveiled in 1997 and the introduction of these electric machines means that Teletruk technology can now be deployed both inside and outside the warehouse, distribution centre or factory facility to deliver the ultimate in materials handling versatility.” 

He added: “The new battery-powered telescopic forklifts bring the proven advantages of the unique Teletruk to applications where zero emissions and near silent operation greatly improve working conditions for the operator and other personnel working in the same area, while also benefitting the wider environment.”

The new JCB 35-22E’s power is provided by an 80-volt lead acid battery which can work a full eight-hour shift on a single charge. The battery compartment is positioned at the rear of the truck and has been designed to allow quick and easy battery changeover. Using a single point hoist or another lift truck, the battery can be swapped in around two minutes – ensuring truck uptime is maximised. 

Thanks to its electric driveline, the new JCB 35-22E can climb a 21% gradient or ramp with ease and, when required to work outside, the truck’s fully sealed, weather-proof body protects the driveline and other key components from the elements.

The JCB 35-22E Teletruk is fitted with JCB’s LiveLink telematics system as standard allowing real-time measurement of energy consumption and detailed analysis of machine utilisation. With its iconic telescopic forward reach boom, the JCB Teletruk was developed as an alternative to the conventional lift truck, which, of course, has a front-mounted mast that raises and lowers loads only vertically.

The forward reach functionality makes the Teletruk the ideal choice of lift truck at sites where containers, curtainsided trailers, vans and other delivery vehicles have to be loaded and unloaded quickly, safely and efficiently.

Paul Murray said: “Because the Teletruk reaches forward to pick and place a load, there is no need to push or pull items across the floor of a vehicle during the loading or unloading process. This means that the health and safety risks are eliminated with the Teletruk, as well as the damage that can often be caused to goods and a van or trailer’s floor when heavy loads are pushed or pulled into position with a conventional forklift.”

The new JCB 35-22E has the capacity to lift loads weighing 2200kg when the boom is extended to 2 metres and all lifts are protected by JCB’s load motion control system, which is designed to aid the prevention of forward tip. When it comes to loading and unloading containers from within a building, the Teletruk offers superior performance to other types of materials handling equipment while, outside, the Teletruk can load or unload a curtainsided trailer in under 30 minutes and requires 50 per cent less space than conventional counterbalanced trucks to work in.

Paul Murray added:  “JCB originally designed the Teletruk in response to market requirements for a lift truck with the ability to load a wide range of delivery vehicles quickly and safely in the most space-efficient way.

“Its unique functionality has won numerous awards because the Teletruk offers so many clear advantages to companies operating in the warehousing and supply chain space and, with the launch of new electric-powered machines, the benefits of the Teletruk can now be enjoyed both inside and outside a building.”