Amco Have Been Certified ISO 14001

Amco Have Been Certified ISO 14001


Amco took the decision to strive for ISO 14001 and have been certified the standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) 건쉽배틀 다운로드.

The company wants to reduce their impact on the environment by implementing a recycling system and diverting their waste from landfill, demonstrating their commitment to protecting the environment by implementing this global standard which will enable them to meet their legal obligations, as well as building trust with customers, suppliers and their own staff TwitchTV.

Spencer Falaschi Amco Group’s Health & Safety Manager was the main driver behind this project and he commented. ‘Protecting the environment is important to Amco and is a real business issue web template. Many of our customers and suppliers have specific EMS and Environmental objectives and the implementation of ISO 14001 policies enables us, as a global logistics business, to demonstrate to staff, customers and suppliers across our whole supply chain proposition, that Amco Group are committed to reducing our impact on the global environment.’

Don Mucci Amco Managing Director added 멜론 7월 2주차 top100 다운로드. ‘We are in an extremely competitive sector wherever we operate across the globe, and businesses like ours face increasing pressure from customers, suppliers and governments to look at the impact our activities have on the environment 아모레스 페로스 다운로드. Amco now has ISO 14001 certification and this is the easiest and most transparent way to demonstrate our commitment and further increase and strengthen our business reputation 크롬 엑셀 다운로드. ISO 14001 will not just save us fuel, reduce waste, energy and water consumption, but will help us to become a 1st choice supplier.‘

Mucci continued, We have also recently been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) which gives us HMRC ‘Trusted Trader’ status and is a mark of our dedication to the reduction of threats to an international supply chain, so the addition of ISO 14001 goes another step forward in confirming to our customers why we are the right partner and to future customers, why we should be their 1st choice supplier.’

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for EMS movie jumper. It helps organisations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders soon look at it.

EMS helps companies and organisations recognise, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues in a “universal” way. ISO 14001 can be integrated easily into any existing ISO management system and is suitable for organisations of all types and sizes internet images.

ISO 14001 requires an organisation to consider all the environmental issues relevant to its operation. This may include waste management, water and air pollution issues and the mitigation of waste and resources 신장의 야망 혁신 다운로드.

Amco Group have a proven and successful track record in international supply chain management and logistics, currently providing logistics services to many major Automotive OEM. 1st and 2nd tier customers including Webasto Group, Sertec, , Futaba, DENSO JLR, BMW, FORD, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Morgan Motor Company, Lear Corporation, MAGNA, Grupo Antolin, Komatsu and Brose.