Announcing a cooperative partnership to raise customer service for everyone

Announcing a cooperative partnership to raise customer service for everyone

FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS announces a Strategic Partnership Programme with NIVO, to deliver discount diesel and petrol fuel card products to the members of the UK’s largest business support group for Independent Vending Operators.

Vending Operators service and fill vending machines up and down the country with hot and cold beverages, confectionery, snacks, and food. Crucially, during the coronavirus pandemic, vending machines have often been the only available means for healthcare personnel and key workers to obtain a snack or a beverage, all without the need for face to face interaction or queuing.  

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Michelle Hefferon, NIVO 

Michelle Hefferon, Business Manager at NIVO, says, “Vending operators are an essential service and especially during the lockdown. We are the largest business support group in the UK for vending operators.  Not only do we provide a range of services for independent regional vending operators, but we also help our supply members to market their range of products and services which brings all interested parties together. 

Since the coronavirus hit the UK, we have continued to update all our members with news on the ever-updating regulations on safe practices and how different companies are managing to support each other.  Because of the added complexities now of PPE, this has been an extra cost that many vending operators must absorb.  This cost, together with many businesses being closed (the largest percentage of vending is in the workplace) has added to the pressures of owning a small independent business. 

“We are the place where members go to help them find good service and help them to be more efficient and save money. With all this in mind, NIVO has tried to help by sourcing and negotiating keener pricing where possible, and we are delighted to announce our new partnership with FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS who can deliver support to the supply of this vital commodity.” 

Steve Clarke, Marketing Manager at FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS, says, “I welcome NIVO members to our fuel card benefits through our Strategic Partnership Programme. I am positive that working together will help all of us do a little better, rather than some of us doing well at the expense of others. At FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS we work effectively through collaboration. Together, as partners, we are looking forward to the future.”   

Tim Betts, Business Development Manager at FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS, agrees, “We believe that the whole point of fuel cards is to deliver real savings. Any vending operator can now benefit from a typical saving of up to 10p per litre on national average pump prices. When they pick any of our comprehensive range of commercial rate fuel cards, there will be no transaction  

charges, network fees or other surcharges. With other suppliers, they could expect £2 or more to be added to the bill every time they refuel.” 

Tim adds, “There is no account set up fee for NIVO members. The fuel cards are issued free of charge, a saving of £12 per card. Plus, £50 cash back when the cards are first used. This is just an overview, and there are plenty more ways I can help, for more details just complete the enquiry form, and I will be back in touch.” 

Lower fuel costs eliminated paperwork and reduced administration are just the start of the standard member benefits. One weekly invoice means up to two weeks of free credit before direct debit payment. When you enquire, there is no pushing towards any fuel card product, but there is plenty of impartial advice on the most appropriate supplier for each business needs. 

The range includes fuel cards that are valid at BP, Esso, Shell, and Texaco sites as well as supermarkets (Fuelgenie), independent retailers and specialist diesel networks, such as Keyfuels and UKfuels. For NIVO members, there are preferential rates on bulk fuels and AdBlue. 

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As a FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS customer, you will always talk to your dedicated account manager, who knows you. Other benefits include 24/7, secure online account access. Custom reports are available on-demand, for downloading directly into standard business packages. Plus, the use of our online account management system means that the whole process can be paperless and administration-free. 

FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS also offers NIVO members between 10% up to 15% discount on the installation and monthly costs for all tracking and telematics products, FLEETLOC8 and its FLEETVISION range of vehicle cameras. 

For NIVO operator members visit our  FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS introduction page. Complete the enquiry form, and Tim Betts will call you back.