Hikrobots in new action film

Hikrobots in new action film

A short film featured on the Hikrobot YouTube channel shows global fashion brand, Superdry leveraging the flexibility of intelligent mini-robot carriers to transform order picking and put-away at its UK hub weather kids ost. The film – which can be seen here:

– shows the robots working in unison with manual pickers, automatically selecting and lifting modular pick-walls and transporting them to pick-to-light stations where a predetermined pick-face is presented to the operative Download Chrome from Mac. Up to 600 picks per hour, with 99.9% accuracy is achieved.

Superdry partnered with UK based warehouse solutions provider, Invar – supplier of Hikrobot systems in Europe – to install this system 터치 vpn 다운로드. Hikrobot, part of one of China’s largest technology companies, makes a wide range of intelligent warehousing solutions centred on mobile robot systems 퀵타임 프로 다운로드. Invar Systems has decades of industry experience, developing and implementing warehouse management and control software that connects people with automation pro e 다운로드.

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