Warehouse Pallet Racking Types

Warehouse Pallet Racking Types

The choice you make about the Warehouse Pallet Racking system has a way of affecting your business. Choosing the right pallet Racking system can make a massive difference to your warehouse and business. To improve productivity, you need a well-designed system that will increase your warehouse storage space and change your inventory needs. Deciding on the right Pallet Racking system can be very difficult. People’s choices in choosing warehouse pallets differ, and there are many variables to consider when choosing pallet Racks. Read on to know the common types of pallet Racking and their differences.

Dynamic Racking

Dynamic Racking is designed to store palletised products, incorporating a roller path and a slight slope for moving the pallets. Dynamic Racking is optimal for perishable products, improves handling times, and encourages better use of space. Dynamic pallet racking has high space maximisation with no aisles needed between pallets; it has a high turnover rate, several pallets in-depth, high product reference, and easy stock control. Dynamic pallet racking is a one-stop-shop for Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems, which is perfect for perishable products and fast turnaround goods with Low maintenance, High performance, and Space-saving.

VNA Racking

VNA pallet racking is placed closer together than other pallet racking solutions. This is because they are loaded and unloaded with a side loading forklift truck enabling it to narrow and ensure that the storage space is effectively used. VNA maximises storage by reducing aisle space, and a storage height of up to 56 feet can be achieved with it. It reduces wasted space by using the vertical height of a building; it is 100% accessible and has a good stock rotation. VNA Racking is used in a warehouse that needs immediate and direct access to each unit load, which at the same time needs to optimise their available space. It is also used in a warehouse with non-homogeneous products, which requires high rotation with a unit load of diverse references. VNA reduces the space between conventional selected pallets with channels driven by particular forklift.

Wide Aisle Racking

This is the most widely used storage system for palletised unit loads. Each pallet in the comprehensive aisle racking system is individually supported, and they are also accessed independently. Pallet racking, when arranged in a complete aisle pattern, requires no specialised handling equipment. It is arranged to give high-quality solutions but uses only 40% of the available space while the rest being an aisle. It is designed to meet industrial and warehouse racking needs, which can also be reconfigured to suit your needs. Complete aisle racking is the simplest of all pallets racking systems with direct access. 

Warehouse Pallet Racking systems come in parts that are ideal for any space. You can position or put them in a way that suits your available space. You can store anything ranging from books, sports equipment like clothing, foods, goods, etc. on it. Warehouse Pallet Racking helps you to manage your warehouse or industrial space.