‘TouchMES’ brings full manufacturing, machine control data to the ERP environment, in real time

Continuously monitors production including downtime

Uses real time shop floor data to enable lean manufacturing

Global MES market forecast to reach USD 24.80 billion by 2028

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath ( is launching ‘TouchMES’, a performance-driven manufacturing execution system (MES) that records and displays machine control and other shop floor data in real time. TouchMES continuously monitors the status of all production processes including downtime to enable leaner manufacturing, at lower cost and with less waste says TouchPath. It can be integrated with any ERP or related system, for example Quality Control.

TouchMES gives production staff and managers instant access to key performance indicators (KPIs) for efficiency and productivity as well as work centre schedules, inventory location and availability, downtime, waste and other metrics. The data is presented using real time dashboards and production status screens.

TouchMES also automatically updates the ERP with production, scrap, material issue and labour information.

The global manufacturing execution systems (MES) market is forecast to reach a value of USD 24.80 billion by 2028. Globally, the market is being driven by modern security concerns and the need for well-connected supply chains in manufacturing industry. Other key drivers for MES growth include a greater emphasis on cloud-based services, mobility, and parallel data processing; rapid globalization; and increased infrastructure developments in major emerging economies*.

TouchPath CEO David Myers says: “TouchMES is our response to the higher levels of MES demand we are experiencing from industry users. It deploys a new level of shop floor data delivery and systems integration and brings full manufacturing, machine control data to the ERP environment in real time, improving company performance.”

TouchPath uses smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination to deliver a customised solution at an off-the-shelf price, deploying systems technology that captures more information for better business performance and faster ROI, according to the company.

TouchPath has operations in the UK (Kent ME13 8NZ) and the USA (High Point, NC 27265).

*Source: market research firm Blue Weave Consulting, cited on