Thorworld Docking Ramp Upgrade Offers an ‘Electric’ Solution for Van Loading & Unloading

Thorworld Docking Ramp Upgrade Offers an ‘Electric’ Solution for Van Loading & Unloading

Loading and unloading specialist Thorworld Industries is releasing an upgraded mobile van docking ramp, with a new design specifically developed to accommodate the weight of electric vans.

The ramp caters for the growing use of e-vehicles for logistics – and can ordered in various configurations, in fixed or mobile versions and with optional adjustable height legs, to suit customers’ specific requirements.

Van docking ramps have become an increasingly important part of many businesses’ loading infrastructure, especially due to the increase in last-mile delivery by vans. Yet as companies look towards electric vehicles as a more sustainable fleet option, it is vital that ramps are designed to allow for bigger axle loads.

“Electric batteries add significantly to the weight of any vehicle. For a van, which is designed to hold a large quantity of goods, this can put huge pressure on the ramp,” explained Ian Langan, Technical and Engineering Director at Thorworld Industries.   “Our newest van docking ramp is designed to withstand this extra weight.”

The Safe Working Load of the van ramp has increased from 3,500Kg to 4,500Kg.

As each van docking ramp is manufactured to order, customers can select from a range of features to suit their operations.  Ramps can either be positioned flush to the dock height or set below dock to align the vehicle bed to the loading dock. For businesses wanting greater flexibility, ramps can be specified with adjustable height legs.

Other modular options include side platforms with access steps and handrails, for a larger and safer loading area. And for those wanting flexible access, a mobile ramp can be specified to allow HGVs to use the loading docks.

“We want to make it easy for customers to benefit from the rapid growth in van delivery,” confirmed Ian Langan.  “With safe, efficient loading and unloading as standard, everything else – even down to the colour of the ramp – can be customised to suit your preferences.”

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