Take control with telematics technology

Take control with telematics technology

From Black Friday to Christmas, there is going to be an increase in online shopping. So, customers are relying on your drivers to bring purchases to them, your drivers depend on the company’s asset to help with the delivery, and you, as the fleet operator, is shouldering the workload with the least control.

You could ease that pressure with telematics technology. Too pricey, could be your objections, but what with the pandemic this year, and the increase in online shopping, is ignoring the benefits and savings worth it?

As your drivers rush around bringing goods and hope to everyone, wouldn’t you like to know that your vehicles are not suffering from heavy-handed wear and tear? Telematics technology lets you see your drivers and the performance of each vehicle in real-time – all on one screen, and whenever you want, and wherever you are. It offers in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel, fraud, vehicle tracking and much more.

Telematics tracking gives you control to operate – so that ‘nice to have’ is a ‘must-have’ for your enterprise – giving you the insight and information a manager needs to make informed decisions that make the fleet more cost-effective and efficient.

Our telematics solutions FLEETLOC8 or combined video and tracking FLEETVISION provide genuine satisfaction for our clients. One company had a 40-vehicle fleet and is now saving £400 a month in fuel costs; another company saw a 30% increase in staff productivity and another that recorded a 20% cut in accidents and a 60% reduction in speeding.

Our tailored tracking systems can provide an immediate and accurate view on vehicle mileage to help you plan replacement cycles and even verify mileage claims.

Other areas where it can make an impact include risk and time management, employee schedules, challenges to fines, minimising mileage and CO2 emissions and reviewing the way your business serves your customers.

Telematics technology will not bring peace, goodwill, and an end to social distancing, but it will help you reduce the costs of running a fleet and its impact on the environment.

Book a free demo today – you’ve nothing to lose except the cost and hassle of not using it!

We are offering a dashcam and tracking combo for £12.95 a month across the term of the agreement. That includes free installation, our FLEETLOC8 tracking system and our forward-facing FLEETCAM.