Srixon and Import Services Agree Another Round for a Further Three Years!

Srixon and Import Services Agree Another Round for a Further Three Years!

Global golf brand Srixon has extended its 12-year partnership with Import Services for a further three years.

The extension ensures Import Services continues to provide Srixon with port-centric retail logistics from its Southampton base, handling all European warehousing, order processing and distribution of clubs, bags, balls and accessories.

Srixon, owned by Sumitomi Rubber Industries Ltd is one of the largest golf equipment manufacturers in the world, boasting golf ball technology with a rich history of over 80 years.

Srixon cite the port-centric location and bonded status of the warehouse as difference makers to both cash flow overall supply chain efficiencies. This is in addition, to a series of innovations throughout the partnership such as 24/7 product tracking information, the installation of dedicated conveyor systems to streamline goods arriving at the warehouse and purpose designed racking for Srixon goods.

 “Srixon, like any other business evolves, our solid partnership allows us to work closely and adapt our processes to reflect the needs of our Client. We are proud to have been Srixon’s logistics partner for the last 12 years and look forward to continuing that relationship further,’’ comments Mike Thomas, Client Services Director with Import Services.

“I recall we initially won the contract from Srixon by shaving five days off the company’s supply chain and by offering cash flow benefits by holding stock under bond, deferring VAT and Duty until after the product is sold,’’ continued Mike.

“Forward thinking, fast-paced clients such as Srixon recognise the edge gained by moving its products to market swiftly and meeting the demands of retailers ordering smaller quantities more frequently. Srixon will also benefit from the new 200,000 sq ft of additional space added to our flagship warehouse within the Port of Southampton. Due to come on line in June 2021, this will be a further game changer in our compelling proposition.”