Movu orchestrates a dynamic ensemble of warehouse robotics at LogiMAT 2024 

Movu orchestrates a dynamic ensemble of warehouse robotics at LogiMAT 2024 

stow Group, a global market leader in the development, manufacture and implementation of advanced warehouse solutions and automated storage systems, is putting its new Movu Robotics brand in the spotlight at LogiMAT 2024. 

On booth 3B67 in hall 3 Movu will feature a dynamic technology showcase of its state-of-the art robotics sub-systems. This ensemble of seamlessly integrated solutions will demonstrate how automation and robotics is not only accessible but is possible in all kinds of warehouses, so that no warehouse is left behind. 

For the first time ever, Movu will be presenting an end-to-end material flow live at LogiMAT and demonstrating how Movu’s automated subsystems can work together as a fully integrated solution. 

The flow starts with the Movu escala, an innovative Shuttle solution which provides dense automated storage and retrieval for bins. Robot carriers move bins in all three  dimensions within escala, every point of which is connected by a sophisticated rail track. The robots move along the rails in two dimensions throughout a level of the system and they can move between levels via ramps, in a similar way to a car driving to the next level of a multi-storey car park. This eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive conveyors, lifts, service aisle access and sequencers.  

The bins are automatically delivered from inside the escala to a goods-to-person workstation, where the seamlessly integrated Movu eligo picking arm robot automatically piece-picks from a bin to place individual items into mixed SKU bins on a pallet placed on a Movu ifollow Autonomous Mobile Robot AMR. 

Combining advanced software with intelligent grippers and machine learning, eligo, the latest member of the Movu product family, ensures reliable and high-performing throughput. The intelligent grippers ensure an accuracy greater than 99% and reduces the number of manual ‘touches’ required for order fulfilment or replenishment. Able to achieve 600 picks per hour, depending on the specific implementation, eligo can pick goods up to 2 kg and with dimensions of 1 cm minimum to a maximum of 30 cm. Being completely product agnostic gives it the flexibility to handle changing product mixes. 

When the pallet is ready, the ifollow AMR transports it autonomously to the Movu atlas pallet shuttle sub-system. ifollow’s slimline design allows it to fit where other mobile robots will not and they can operate in cold stores, working in temperatures down to -25°C, moving to an ambient environment without any condensation. A customisable top lifter allows a variety of tasks to be performed and this versatile mobile robot can also support collaborative order picking operations.

The pallet carried on the ifollow is received at the highly efficient Movu atlas pallet shuttle sub-system, which is based on stow racking. Here, an atlas shuttle, which is a self-powered pallet carrier, moves it to a storage location. The atlas sub-system provides a high density, multi-pallet position deep Automated Storage and Retrieval System AS/RS, which can also work in coldstores. With no need for lift truck aisles, storage capacity is maximised, and manual handling is replaced leading to a reduction in both personnel risk and picking errors. 

Visitors will be able to see how Movu software coordinates and monitors the shuttles and mobile robots, ensuring a smooth flow of materials with realtime visibility of the system. 

This unique performance demonstrates how Movu goes beyond a single robotics product to offer cutting-edge sub-systems in a symphony of seamlessly integrated solutions, which is not a futuristic concept but a practical, accessible reality. Movu’s goal is to upgrade the world´s warehouses through the power of easier automation. This creates a democratisation of automation to ensure that – irrespective of its size, shape, or use – no warehouse is left behind. 

Stefan Pieters, CEO of Movu Robotics commented: “We are proud to present for first time ever an integrated end-to-end showcase with all Movu solutions. Following our brand launch in September last year, we are excited to see at LogiMAT all our products coming together in one place. Visitors will experience live our interpretation of ‘Easier Automation’ and how it helps to increase efficiency and improve profitability. Our experts will also be on hand to discuss how our solutions, which have improved efficiency for customers in a variety of sectors, can serve your requirements.”