Kammac leads the way in delivering for Accapi Group

Kammac leads the way in delivering for Accapi Group

Kammac, a leading UK-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider, is celebrating its first year of partnership with Accapi Group, the exclusive European distributor of the leading premium dog outdoor brand, Ruffwear – which has seen more than 100,000 items dispatched to customers across the UK.

Accapi’s range with Ruffwear has over 900 SKUs including, dog harnesses, leads, coats, collars, cooling jackets, life-vests, toys and even dog boots – all designed to inspire dog and human connections outdoors.

Unlike other brands in the industry Accapi and Ruffwear’s unique supply chain allows them to offer retailers stock just in time, throughout the year – so having the right 3PL partner is essential.

Recognising the need to change its existing 3PL, Accapi held a competitive RFQ project for its UK distribution and Kammac, renowned for its expertise in nationwide logistics services, emerged as the perfect fit, appointed to manage all Accapi’s ecommerce and 3PL needs in the UK. With a seamless transition needed within tight timeframes, Kammac began processing Accapi orders just two weeks before Christmas 2022 from its Wavertree, Liverpool facility.

“Kammac’s local-level leadership and responsiveness were key influencers in our decision and were instrumental in overcoming any hurdles we faced,” said Dan Jackman, Director of Planning and Performance at Accapi Group.

“Our challenging timelines were no obstacle for the Kammac team, who ensured the transition and system integration went like clockwork, overcoming any potential roadblocks effortlessly.”

Since the launch in January 2023, the partnership has yielded exceptional results, with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) achievement of 99.98% throughout the year. Stock is shipped from Ruffwear’s factory in Vietnam to Wavertree, where to date Kammac has fulfilled nearly 15,000 parcels – representing a total of more than 100,000 products.

These numbers include orders from the Ruffwear UK website, Amazon UK, and fulfilment of pre-retail requirements for major retailers such as Pets at Home, as well as numerous smaller pet and outdoor specialists across the UK. Kammac has also processed over 4,000 units of returns stocks.

“Offering just in time stock throughout the year, rather than fulfilment to a forward order book means having a responsive 3PL partner is essential, and Kammac’s dynamism, and flexibility have allowed us to deliver exception service to our customers,” concluded Dan.

Kammac and Accapi’s alliance has grown in conjunction with the company’s on-going sustainability initiatives, with Kammac helping to optimise Accapi’s packaging dimensions according to each order as well as switching from plastic-to paper-based tapes. Using cardboard envelopes instead of boxes has significantly reduced the amount of packaging, increased shipping efficiencies and enabled a greater percentage of orders to be delivered to consumers through their letterboxes.

“As we enter into our second year working with Accapi, Kammac is immensely proud of our successful partnership and the part we play in delivering efficient warehousing, fulfilment and logistics management,” commented Ged Carabini, COO at Kammac.

“Surpassing this milestone is a testament to our services and to the team of experts behind them who provide the knowledge, understanding and compliance to help companies like Accapi build streamlined and efficient supply chains.”