Fleetmaxx Solutions and Steve Hale Transport Consultancy announce a partnership to benefit everyone

Fleetmaxx Solutions and Steve Hale Transport Consultancy announce a partnership to benefit everyone

Most transport managers are aware of the importance of compliance. There are legal requirements and the issue of safety. Failures in driver compliance are too great a risk to take. So, more and more companies recognise professional development in the road haulage sector as an effective way to reduce costs, minimise collisions and improve road safety. However, finding time to sit down, read, assess, and motivate through all that paperwork associated with compliance is more challenging than ever.

That’s where Steve Hale’s expertise shines. A former HGV driver for more than 20 years, he worked up the ranks to become a senior transport manager for a nationwide corporation. Now he is sharing all that knowledge with his transport consultancy practice. On top of that proficiency, he has accreditation approval from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) as Auditor and Practitioner.

Steve Hale is delighted, “My partnership with FleetMaxx Solutions gives my clients fantastic access to a range of market-leading benefits and cost savings. I really value the tailored and proactive approach FleetMaxx Solutions offer, and we are a great business fit for each other.”

Rachel Pearson is a Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) practitioner and key accounts manager at Fleetmaxx Solutions. Her personable style of one-to-one support can bring peace of mind to any company seeking to proactively manage its work-related road risk.

Hale emphasises the importance of a good working relationship. “I’ve built my business on trust, and that’s important to me. Whether one man and his van to hauliers managing 800 vehicles nationwide, in all shapes and sizes, from HGV, mobile cranes, cement mixers or tippers, no matter the vehicle, my clients trust me to help their operations run smoothly.

“I was interested in partnering because of Rachel’s professional attitude and the breadth of services Fleetmaxx Solutions offers. By partnering with them, there are real opportunities for business operations cost savings I can pass on. I know my clients are looked after the moment they are introduced to Rachel. Trust is very important to me, and knowing she goes that extra mile, gives me confidence and peace of mind that my clients are being looked after the way I look after them.”

Fleetmaxx Solutions’ comprehensive range of commercial rate fuel cards has no transaction charges, network fees or other surcharges. The fuel cards are issued free of charge, saving £12 per card. One weekly invoice means two weeks of free credit before direct debit payment. Nothing extra is added to the bill with each refuel.

The range includes valid fuel cards at BP, Esso, Shell, and Texaco sites and supermarkets (Fuelgenie), independent retailers and specialist diesel networks, such as Keyfuels and UKfuels.

Fleetmaxx Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oilfast Ltd, a substantial bulk fuel, lubricant and licensed Adblue® manufacturer and distributor. So, there are preferential rates – a £500 saving on average over the forecourt price per 1,000 litres.

Fleetmaxx Solutions also proudly offers a complete suite of electric vehicle products and services to help businesses leap from fossil fuel-powered to electric vehicles. The solutions include EV Charging, EV Leasing, EV Insurance, EV Route Optimisation, EV Tracking and EV Fuel Cards.

Clients of Steve Hale and Fleetmaxx can also benefit from vehicle asset management systems such as FLEETLOC8, a cost-effective GPS tracking solution, and FLEETVISION, a fleet cam – a camera and tracking combo costs less than £15 to run monthly, including free installation.

Fleetmaxx Solutions also covers commercial liability insurance solutions; for every eventuality and some other everyday support, you might have yet to consider.

Steve Hale Transport Consultancy also serves Fleetmaxx Solutions’ clients who are looking to gain FORS accreditation. His services include the following:

  • FORS accreditation from Bronze through to Gold
  • FORS pre-audits
  • Compliance audits
  • External Transport Management
  • Operator Licence applications
  • DVSA investigation preparation
  • Public Inquiry preparation and attendance
  • Tachograph Analysis

As Fleetmaxx Solutions is a FORS Associate, FORS-accredited members are entitled to the following exclusive cost savings. These include:

  • Save up to 10p per litre on fuel.
  • Up to £250 cashback when cards are first used.
  • FREE of charge fuel cards (saving you £12, per card, per year).
  • Dedicated Key Accounts Manager / FORS Practitioner.
  • A choice of networks including Esso, Shell, BP, Texaco, FuelGenie, UK Fuels and Keyfuels.
  • Have cards to use at Tesco, Morrison, Sainsbury’s, and Co-op pumps.
  • No hidden extra charges.
  • No Transaction Fees.
  • No minimum spending.
  • Online customer portal.
  • One invoice for all transactions
  • Emissions data
  • Preferential deals on AdBlue® and bulk fuels.

Visit the FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS introduction page. Complete the enquiry form, and Rachel Pearson will contact you back.

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