EV manufacturers get a boost from Conceptual Innovations’ Roll Lifter, delivering precision, increased maneuverability and speed

EV manufacturers get a boost from Conceptual Innovations’ Roll Lifter, delivering precision, increased maneuverability and speed

Conceptual Innovations, an engineering and custom manufacturing firm powered by Caster Concepts (, announces the release of the Roll Lifter, an essential tool for industrial EV manufacturers. It delivers precision and maneuverability and helps manufacturers keep pace with production.

The Roll Lifter features two Drive Casters, a control box, a power charging box and a wired hand controller. The drive system requires only one operator, who uses a hand controller with a two-axis joystick. The Drive Casters are set in a fixed position, with steering controlled by speeding up or slowing down the wheels on one caster relative to the other. The drive lift system has an emergency stop, located on the hand controller, and is able to shut down movement instantly.

Engineers designed the motorized drive lift system at the request of a manufacturer looking to transport a 6,500-pound roll of separator film or lithium-ion batteries to a pre-determined height. Further complicating the production process was the need to move the heavy rolls of film from a staging area to a production line without using a crane or requiring a large team.

“The customer received a cart system that increases maneuverability and lifting capabilities while reducing the time and labor needed to position material into production,” said Jimmie Proteau, production and sales manager for Conceptual Innovations and Caster Concepts. “The Roll Lifter eliminates the possibility of injury associated with using a crane. Ensuring worker safety remains a key element in all our manufacturing solutions.”

The design of the Roll Lifter incorporates the use of Caster Concepts’ Swivel-on-Swivel caster and Twergo® wheels, two of the company’s leading products popular with automotive manufacturers. The Swivel-on-Swivel casters each feature two stacked 77 Series swivel casters with sealed dual-row ball bearings for high precision and maintenance-free use.

The unique design of the Twergo® wheels makes them easier to move and turn, which means less power is needed to move a cart. The TR95 tread has high elasticity and high tear resistance, which increases the longevity of the polyurethane wheel.

“Working hand in hand with our customers allows us to develop solutions that meet their needs and address the demands of the industry,” Proteau said.

EV manufacturers are eager to accelerate production to keep pace with EV adoption. From 2017 through 2030, automakers will have invested $71.5 billion to electrify products, including building new assembly plants and battery factories, according to National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Essential to manufacturers’ success is a steady flow of materials and equipment to keep production lines moving.

“EV production comes with a set of complex circumstances new to auto manufacturers,” Proteau said. “The materials and equipment they relied on don’t always translate to EV production. As manufacturers encounter challenges, we work with them to design solutions that deliver results without slowing down production.”

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