Berry’s Optimum PCR Container Achieves UN Approval

Berry’s Optimum PCR Container Achieves UN Approval

Berry Global’s 20 litre Optimum large container made from a minimum of 35% and up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, has been awarded UN approval for the carriage of hazardous goods, assimilated with water.

The accreditation provides an important benefit for industrial and chemical companies, offering a reliable and durable solution for the safe movement and storage of hazardous products, while the incorporation of recycled material at up to a very high level helps them to meet their sustainability goals. Importantly, the use of recycled material in the manufacture of the container does not require any increase in its weight to maintain this performance.

The Optimum combines excellent strength and sturdiness for effective product protection with easy handling for end-users, and its easy stacking feature maximises space on pallets and in storage.

The Optimum is accredited to UN performance Y1.9/180, which makes it suitable for formulations with a density up to 1.9, and able to resist hydraulic pressure of 180kPa.

“The UN accreditation for our Optimum container is a significant milestone for industrial packaging, with the use of large amounts of PCR material not compromising in any way its ability to handle even the most challenging of packaging requirements,” commented Florent Souty of Berry. “Tests are now in progress for all other assimilation liquids and other container sizes as we seek to extend UN certification.”

The Optimum range of stackable containers is suitable for a wide variety of applications, tailored to precise customer needs. It can be specified with a choice of tamper-evident closures, while different colour and decoration options provide individualised product branding. For more information on Berry’s full range of industrial containers, visit