Leading two-person home delivery company ArrowXL has launched a dedicated driver hotline designed to further improve its first-time delivery success pc 맞고 다운로드. It follows a regional trial which saw over 700 potential failed deliveries arrive safely and and a 2.4% CSAT customer satisfaction score) improvement (82.9% to 85.3%) during a 3-month period 어도비 브라켓 다운로드.

The ‘My Customer Line’ will give ArrowXL’s drivers additional support in real time when they are faced with the leading causes of non-delivery such as ‘no one at home’, ‘unable to locate property’ and ‘moved address/empty house’ Minecraft 1.2 1. A team of nine ‘My Customer Champions’ will be on hand six days a week, 7am – 7pm with access to additional mapping data, as well as the ability to cross-check customer data for alternative contact numbers and previous/new addresses 참새톡 다운로드.

Peter Louden COO at ArrowXL, said: “A 2-person delivery is far more complex than other types of delivery as customers have to be in to receive it and have often had to take time off work Download the accountant. There is no ‘safe place’ or ‘leave with a neighbour’ option for a fridge freezer or divan bed/mattress so non-delivery is important for us as well as the consumer.”

“The My Customer Line’ will kick in whenever our delivery crews can’t deliver an item and provide extra support and information Short-term downloads. We are really pleased with the results so far and can confirm that that this is the first of a number of initiatives we are launching as part of our commitment to putting the customer at the heart of our business.”