Aerol set to unveil ground support products at International GSE Expo

Aerol set to unveil ground support products at International GSE Expo

Aerol (,a leading design, engineering and caster manufacturer for the military, aviation and energy industries powered by Caster Concepts Inc. (, will unveil its top ground support products at the International GSE Expo at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas Oct. 5–7.

The company’s lineup features the SAM Suspension Unit,heavy-duty running gear engineered with a shock-absorbing unit that can be bolted to ground support equipment. Its flexible design allows for front and rear steering for maneuvering in confined areas or conventional front-end steering when towing equipment.

Aerol will also showcase the BANJO MOUNT, running gear designed with a low center of gravity featuring a wheel mounted on a stub axle and fitted to a shock-absorption unit that can be bolted to the side of an item of ground service equipment. The banjo mount moves loads up to 1,000 pounds per wheel in increments of 125 pounds.

“Aerol casters and wheels are specifically designed with the aviation industry — its challenges, loads and maneuverability — in mind,” said William Dobbins, CEO of Caster Concepts. “We’re proud of our line of ground support, ground handling and air cargo products. Our goal is focused on modifying our products to fit specific situations and designing tailored solutions.”

Caster Concepts acquired Aerol in November 2020, moving operations from Southern California to Central Michigan. Aerol brings an esteemed reputation dating back 76 years as a contractor for the defense and aviation industries during WWII.

The company’s relocation to Caster Concepts headquarters in Albion, Mich., allows for accelerated production and improved shipping and delivery nationwide. Caster Concepts’ innovative production technology featuring laser cutters and break presses provides greater customization and quick turnarounds, regardless of quantities.

“Our flexible manufacturing process permits us to build anything our engineers can design and what our customers can envision, regardless of the specs,” Dobbins said. “We’re on our way to exceeding our 2019 performance numbers of 99-percent plus on-time delivery.”

For details on all products for the show, visit Caster Concepts GSE Expo online.