4 ways to Automate your 4 walls with Indigo WMS

4 ways to Automate your 4 walls with Indigo WMS

SME manufacturing, logistics and retail businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy and in the current challenging economic climate, finding ways to reap the benefits of warehouse automation in a cost-efficient way is an imperative.

That is why leading warehouse management systems (WMS) developer, Indigo Software, is dedicated to helping the country’s SMEs understand how to ease the challenges resulting from higher inflation, disrupted raw material availability, labour shortages and higher energy prices. Add into the mix increased demand for warehouse space and higher salary expectations for operatives, and it is a perfect storm for warehouse managers to overcome. A WMS can provide many of the answers to common problems for companies for whom full automation with robotics is out of reach financially.

Benefits of using a WMS

Indigo’s supply chain consultants can highlight the easiest and most cost effective ways of introducing automation into your warehouse, using either our flagship Indigo WMS or a new, rapid ROI solution, Indigo QuickStart. Here are 4 areas where the benefits of using Indigo’s WMS solutions really shine:

  • Automated stock management

Rising prices and property shortages mean warehouse space has become more expensive. As a best of breed solution, Indigo WMS can help you make more efficient use of your warehousing, with 20-30% savings possible. For example, Indigo WMS automates put-away to maximise space utilisation, identifying the best places to store items based on available spaces, monitoring how frequently items will be picked and where they should be placed in the warehouse, and whether items need special storage considerations.

  • Automate stock counting

Shrinkage can be a real problem in warehouses but completing a regular stock count is effectively dead time that could be better spent elsewhere. Counting as you go, known as perpetual inventory management, ensures that any stock discrepancies are found far quicker than would be the case in a four walls count. The WMS takes care of everything, by tracking likely stock requirements based on historical ordering patterns and automating the replenishment reminders.

  • Automate routine and repetitive tasks

Automating routine and repetitive processes in the warehouse helps to minimise the impact of labour shortages and higher wage costs. Employees can frequently represent up to 50% of warehousing costs and using a WMS from Indigo will mitigate the impact of human errors, plus optimise resource utilisation. The potential savings can be very significant.

  • Integrating Processes

A lack of integration between technology employed and processes creates hidden costs which become magnified when inflation is increasing. It can also compromise the quality of data, which in turn negatively impacts sales order entry, planning, production, and customer satisfaction.

“Ultimately, a WMS cannot completely shield your business from a difficult economic environment, but it can most definitely provide a high level of insulation. Indigo WMS can help you become super canny about minimising costs, so that your resources can stretch further and profits are less impacted,” says Eric Carter, Solutions Architect at Indigo Software.

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